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Emmie’s 6th Birthday

May 25, 2020

Such an unusual time to be celebrating a birthday for a kid. Naturally, they want to be surrounded by friends and family, playing lots of games, socializing, eating cake, and, of course, opening PRESENTS.

Explaining to Emmie how plans for her birthday had to change. I thought she would be completely bummed out(she probably was), but she was okay and asked that we call everyone instead so they can celebrate that way.

We originally planned to go to Legoland. It would’ve been our first time going. I hear it is a lot of fun, much cheaper than Disneyland and fewer people. We were sold on this idea, but quarantine kept getting delayed and delayed. Ugh!

So when the time finally came. We did our best! The morning she woke up, she was sooooooo excited! We had attached a balloon on her new bike along with her other gifts received. We ordered her favorite food–Pho and started calling all our friends and family. Also, She LOVED her birthday cake! It was a unicorn, her favorite!

As the day started to end, and we got ready for bedtime, she told me it was the best day ever!

My heart was so full!

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