Alaska Holiday Trip 2019

January 15, 2020

And we’re back!

Two-and-a-half weeks in Alaska gone just like that. Our trips to Alaska are so special to us. It’s been almost five years since we left everyone to move to Seattle. Every time we come home, the “Welcome Back” from everyone is so heartwarming. We always spend most of our time getting together and catching up with family and friends. It’s nice to pick up where we left off and to see so much growth in everyone.

Dj and I get really excited every time we go home. It means we have an opportunity to go on some movie dates. LOL! We can rely on some families to babysit the girls when they’re available. Honestly, it’s tough to trust someone with your kids if it isn’t family. So we don’t do this often in Seattle. Since being in Alaska, we took advantage of it any way we could. LOL!

My girls always have a good time every time we visit. They enjoy spending so much time with their cousins and my friend’s kids. Also, Emmie experienced her first time snowboarding! After a few rides down, she finally got the hang of it. Dj was right by her side, teaching her the ways. She had a lot of fun, and Dj was extremely exhausted by the end of it. Haha!

It’s been a week and a half since we’ve been back in Seattle and back to our regular routine. Coming back from our trip was a bit hectic. I spent the next few days unpacking, reorganizing, taking down the decorations and cleaning up the house. Next thing I knew, the weekend had already started.

It’s good to be home tho! It was starting to get colder in Alaska.

Christmas Eve – Celebrating with My Family
Christmas Day – Celebrating with DJ’s side
New Years Eve
Attending Christmas Party
Tobi, our first pet.
Snowboarding Day!

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