5 Toddler Activities to Avoid Screen Time.

November 3, 2019

I was sitting here thinking of ways I can entertain my extremely active toddler. Some days, I realize I had the TV on longer than anticipated just so I can get things done around the house. She doesn’t sit and stare at the screen for hours, but still, this is not good. I’m not saying I am eliminating screen time all the way, but I will definitely be better at limiting it for sure!

There are a few things I noticed my little 16 months old began doing for a while now. Cami picked up a crayon or pencil and started “coloring.” She truly concentrates on what she’s working on even though they are simple scribbles. She discovered finger painting recently, and she was so amused! She sat there learning about this new experience, examining all the colors being mixed around and the affects it had when she glides her finger on the paper.

I put together some of my toddler’s favorite things to do alternatively of screen time. There are many benefits from each playtime for a child to grow in every way.

Happy Learning!ย 

  1. Lego Blocks – team building, communication, patience, organization, problem-solving, adventure, experimentation, fine motor skills development, better focus, and concentration
  2. Finger Painting – learn how color works, sensory integration, improve fine motor skills, strengthen finger and hand muscles, using hearing touching and smelling senses
  3. Coloring – improve handwriting, hand and eye coordination, relaxation, patience, focus, knowledge, confidence, and motor skills
  4. Story Time – exercise the brain, improves concentration, teaches children about the world around them, improves vocabulary and language skills, develops children’s imagination, helps develop children’s empathy, and it’s a lot of fun
  5. Playdough – strengthen small fingers, hand, and wrists, gain control over hand and arm movements which improves coordination, helps build children’s imagination.

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    November 18, 2019 at 4:58 pm

    I love all these activities!

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      This is Char
      November 18, 2019 at 7:56 pm

      We love them too! Keeps us busy! ๐Ÿ™‚

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